Human - The Pinnacle of God's Creation

23 October, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1, 2

What can we learn in the creation story of humans?

We find that human is the pinnacle of God's creation and that we are made in the image of God.

So if we bear the image of God, then we too share in this:

- To be spiritual beings

- To be moral beings

- To be productive beings

- To be social beings

- To be rational beings


Days and Age of God's Creation

16 October, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1:31 - 2:1

How old is the earth? Is it 6000-10000 year old?

In this message, Ps Michael shares 4 different views around the days and age of the creation account.


How Did God Create?

9 October, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1

The creation is a subject of ongoing debate between believers and non-believers.

It's useful and necessary that believers understand why they believe God is the Creator.

- God created the universe differently from all other gods in Ancient Near East

- God created the universe 'by ex nihilo' (out of nothing)

- God created the universe by 'fiat' (command and spoken word)

- God created the universe by forming and filling


What God Did, Does, Will Do - Past, Present, Future

2 October, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis

Using historical timeline chart from Dan Kimball's book for illustration, we see Six Acts of God from the beginning:

Act 1: God creates the universe and dwells with people

Act 2: God promises a Rescuer

Act 3: God initiates His rescue plan

Act 4: God provides His Rescuer

Act 5: God commissions His rescued people

Act 6: God completes His rescued plan and dwells with people


Who is God?

25 September, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1

Who is God? What does Genesis 1 reveal about the identity of God?

- God is self-existent

- God is self-sufficient

- God is self-determined

How do people know about God?

- General revelation: nature, conscience, history

- Special revelation: the Bible (written word of God) and Christ Jesus (living word of God)


What Happened "In the beginning?"

18 September, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1

What happened 'in the beginning?'

1.There is a beginning and ending of cosmic history

2.There is an insight into the Judeo-Christian worldview and it’s linear not circular in motion

3.That God is stated not explained

4.That the names of Elohim and Yahweh tell us that God is both powerful and personal.


In the beginning..

11 September, 2021 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 1

Tips for understanding Genesis:

1. Genesis was written for us but not to us.

2. Genesis is a theological book not a science textbook.

3. Genesis is a compilation of different genres (e.g. poetry, historical narrative) not a fable-fictional story.

4. Genesis is a work of many sources not just one author.

5. Genesis is relevant for us today and not irrelevant.

6. Genesis is a book on its own but not a stand-alone book.


Becoming A Spiritual Grown Up

4 September, 2021 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: Ephesians 4:14-16 (MSG)

Everyone grows old, not everyone grows up.


Hearing the Voice of God

28 August, 2021 Jeff Cameron

Scripture: Acts 5:17

Why don't we hear more on the voice of God? Why don't we see the leading and movement of the Holy Spirit? Has it ceased or have we neglected it?