Respect the Sanctity of Marriage

5 August, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:14

The seventh commandment - You shall not commit adultery.

Adultery is an act of unfaithfulness when a married person has sexual intercourse with someone other than his or her marriage partner.

Adultery was a capital crime in the OT.

The point of this command is to protect, promote and preserve marriage.

- Adultery defies God

- Adultery destroys families

- Adultery degrades people

Here's some defensive strategies to protect, promote and preserver marriage.

- Revitalise your marriage

- Refocus on what you have

- Resolve your conflicts


Respect the Sanctity of Life

29 July, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:13

The sixth commandment - You shall not murder.

Under no circumstances are we to take someone's life or our own life.

The point of this commandment is:

- To pursuing everything in our power to preserve life and to protect it

- To improve the quality and value of it, not kill it

- To protect the preciousness and sacredness of all humans life from conception until natural death

How do we do that?

- Watch your attitudes

- Watch you actions

- Watch your anger


CiTiGATE Church 15th Anniversary

15 July, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Station of Hope


Live Giving Honour and Respect to Parents

8 July, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:12

Common in these days: children are reared to be self-centred. Disrespectful. Everything centres around the children’s whims and not needs.

No centre of authority the child could use. No clear guidelines. Respect is missing.

Whose fault is it?


Live Giving Attention to God's Sabbath

1 July, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:8-11

The purpose of the Sabbath is to establish a regular rhythm of life.

- Sabbath is a day to stop work so we can rest and replenish our physical body

- Sabbath is a day to stop work so we can reset our soul (emotion, mind, will)

- Sabbath is a day to stop work so we can refresh our spirit in God

Observe the Sabbath and you will enjoy the blessings that comes from it

- Living a wonderful and balanced rhythm of life

- Rested and replenished in our bodies so we can be whole and well

- Recharged and reset in our soul so we can feel, think, act properly and effectively

- Renewed and refreshed in our spirit so we can be with God and led by Him


Live Giving Greatest Honour to God

24 June, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:7

How do we misuse God's name?

- When we use it for profanity and swearing

- When we use it for personal gains

- When we use it to pressure others


Live Giving True Worship to God

17 June, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:4-6

One of the longest commandments that are split into 4 parts:

- God's clear command prohibiting the worship of idols

- The core motive of God for prohibiting idols

- God cautions those that He will punish those who sin and disobey Him

- God's covenantal commitment to bless those who obey Him


Live Giving Priority to God

10 June, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Exodus 20:2-3

What does it mean to have no other gods but just Him?

When it comes to prioritizing our lives, God is ALL or nothing.

Here's some way to check our priority:

- The Love test

- The Trust test

- The Abide test

The first commandment is not simply a duty or obligation to worship God. It is our privilege.


Revere God. Respect People

3 June, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Mark 12:29-31

We are constantly reminded to love God and others.

- The greatest commandment to love God is about revering God

- The second greatest commandment is to love others. It's about respecting others