Living Fully Alive

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10 February, 2024Ps Michael SimLiving Fully Alive

The Glory of God is A Person Fully Alive.

1st Goal - Like Jesus, live fully alive for the glory of God

2nd Goal - Like Jesus, finish the work God gives us

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Living Fully Alive - In Being Blessed

24 February, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Ephesians 1:4-13

God blesses us so we may live fully alive in Him.

But what is blessing? What is biblical definition of blessing?

Paul reminds us of the true blessings of God from Eph.1:4-13

- God has chosen us before the foundation of the world

- God has made us holy and without blame before Him in love

- God has adopted us as sons and daughters

- God has accepted us in the Beloved

- God has redeemed us with His blood

- God has forgiven our sins

- God has lavished on us wisdom

- God has made known to us the mystery of His will

- God has obtained for us an inheritance

- God has sealed us with His Holy Spirit


Living Fully Alive - In God's Blessings

17 February, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

God is a God of Blessings!

- There is power in blessing

- When God blesses us, He speaks to us with words

- When God blesses us, He reaches out to us with His loving touch that brings us healing

- When God blesses us, He attaches value and worth in us that makes us loved and accepted

- When God blesses us, He foresees a great future in us that gives us hope

- When God blesses us, He gives us His time, power and gifts to make sure we succeed