Why Is Baptism Important?

23 March, 2024 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20

Why is baptism imporant?

- Baptism is a command from the Lord

- Baptism is a symbol of being 'born again'

- Baptism is a full immersion in water

- Baptism is done in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

- Baptism is an expression of personal faith

- Baptism is closely connected to the local church


Living Fully Alive - The Gift of Discernment

16 March, 2024 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:21


Jesus said in Matthew 7:21 - “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."

The ads may seem right, but it is only telling you half truth. Spiritual discernment is needed to help us navigate around the world that is set to deceive us.


Living Fully Alive - 5 Essentials in Blessings

9 March, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

5 Practical Elements Blessings found in Scripture.

- Use the spoken words

- Attach high value and worth to the spoken words

- Picture a special future

- Touch affirmatively and appropriately

- Act committedly


Living Fully Alive - In Being A Blessing

2 March, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Genesis 12

What do we do after we have counter our blessings?

- Give thanks to God

- Enjoy what God has generously bless us: time, talents and treasures

- Be a blessing. God blessed us to bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing

John Bunyan - You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Brian McLaren - I have been blessed not to the exclusion of others but for the benefit of others


Living Fully Alive - In Being Blessed

24 February, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Ephesians 1:4-13

God blesses us so we may live fully alive in Him.

But what is blessing? What is biblical definition of blessing?

Paul reminds us of the true blessings of God from Eph.1:4-13

- God has chosen us before the foundation of the world

- God has made us holy and without blame before Him in love

- God has adopted us as sons and daughters

- God has accepted us in the Beloved

- God has redeemed us with His blood

- God has forgiven our sins

- God has lavished on us wisdom

- God has made known to us the mystery of His will

- God has obtained for us an inheritance

- God has sealed us with His Holy Spirit


Living Fully Alive - In God's Blessings

17 February, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

God is a God of Blessings!

- There is power in blessing

- When God blesses us, He speaks to us with words

- When God blesses us, He reaches out to us with His loving touch that brings us healing

- When God blesses us, He attaches value and worth in us that makes us loved and accepted

- When God blesses us, He foresees a great future in us that gives us hope

- When God blesses us, He gives us His time, power and gifts to make sure we succeed


Living Fully Alive

10 February, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

The Glory of God is A Person Fully Alive.

1st Goal - Like Jesus, live fully alive for the glory of God

2nd Goal - Like Jesus, finish the work God gives us


Living the Truth

3 February, 2024 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture 1: John 18:17-18

Scripture 2: Timothy 3:7

Scripture 3: John 1:17

Scripture 4: 2 Peter 1:9

Scripture 5: John 14:6

Scripture 6: Genesis 2:16-17

Scripture 7: Genesis 3:2-3

Scripture 8: John 3:4-5

Scripture 9: John 8:31-32

Scripture 10: Romans 6:23


I am the True Vine

27 January, 2024 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: John 15:1-8

Jesus used figure of speech, allegories, and metaphors to help people understand the truth of who He is and what He is like as God.

Jesus used everyday objects like bread, light, door, shepherd, and now vine.

What do we know about who Jesus is when He said, ‘He is the true Vine’?

- As the True Vine, Jesus fulfills His role as the Chosen One from God

- As the True Vine, Jesus exemplifies His own intimate relationship with the Father

- As the True Vine, Jesus is mutually connected to us in producing good outcomes

How can we become fruitful and productive?

- We become fruitful when the Father prunes us

- We become fruitful when we let the Word of God clean and correct us

- We become fruitful when we abide in the Son

- We become fruitful when God answers our prayers if we abide in Christ and His word remains in us