Moses, "So Close Yet So Far"

18 November, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Deut.34:1-4

How did Moses feel after 40 years through the arid desert, leading 3-4 millions Israelites, standing at this mountain to see the Promised Land but unable to enter it?

Why did God banned Moses from entering the Promised Land?

- Moses' anger and disobedience

- Know that every act of obedience is an act of trusting and honouring God

- Remember that all glory belongs to God

- Understand that every discipline of God is embedded in His love, mercy and compassion


Life Lessons from Joseph

11 November, 2023 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-9, Genesis

Lessons from the life of Joseph:

- God's ways are not our ways

- Suffering is a part of walking with God

- We must flee from sin

- Jealousy destroys

- God is with you in the midst of trial

- Forgiveness


Life Lessons from James

4 November, 2023 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: book of James

Lessons from the book of James:

- How to take joy in times of trial

- How not to boast

- There is strength in humility

- The temptation to sin usually arises within us


Lessons from Ruth and Naomi

28 October, 2023 Kelly Boaretto

Scripture: book of Ruth


What Is Love?

14 October, 2023 Ps Phill Boaretto


Living A Life of Wisdom

30 September, 2023 Ps James Foo

Scripture: Matthew 7:21-29

Live a life of wisdom by taking heed to Jesus' instructions.

- making religious sounds do not save us, obedient does

- never substitute obedience with ministry activities

- Jesus must always be the LORD and the MASTER of our lives

- all who listen to Jesus' instructions and follow them are wise

- those who hear Jesus' instructions and ignore them are foolish

- moving from "feeling good" to total obedience


No Small Matter

23 September, 2023 Ps Kelvin Sim

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16

Do not despise the little things, even when they seem insignificant. In God's kingdom, in God's plan, they can achieve greater things than we can imagine.


Extravagant Love of God

9 September, 2023 Ps Michael Sim

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16


Fatherhood Is A Balancing Act

2 September, 2023 Ps Phill Boaretto

Scripture: 1 Tim. 5:8 , Psalm 103:13, Prov.24:16

Fatherhood is a balancing act:

- Provision vs Presence

- Discipline vs Tenderness

- Mistakes vs Failures