CiTiGATE Church 15th Anniversary Celebration

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15 July, 2023

Citigate Church just turned 15 years old.

15 years! When we first started, we don't know where the Lord will lead us to and will the church last. You couldn't picture what it would be like in 15 years.

But as long as we remain faithful to the call, the church of our Lord Jesus Christ will prevail and nothing can overcome it.

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Church Picnic at the beach

Greetings! Just an announcement that this week (12th Nov 2022) church service will not be held in the usual building or auditorium

The church will be having a picnic gathering by the beach! (No Zoom too..)

Next week it will be back to church building, normal service plus the dinner night/week also. See you then!


Church 14th Anniversary

CiTiGATE Church just celebrated its 14th Anniversary. Thank you Lord Jesus!


Back to Church in November

Hi everyone. Melbourne is out of the sixth lockdown and that means, CiTiGATE Church will be back in the church on the 20th November.

Adhering to the Victorian DHHS guidelines, we encourage everyone planning to attend to be fully vaccinated and to follow the check-ins procedure.

We will continue to run the Zoom concurrently and so you can still join our service this way.

We look forward heading back to church and seeing you in church. God bless.

** There will be no Zoom church service on November 13th as the church will be gathering for picnic. **