Our Cause

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27 June, 2018

A community that is Christ-centred, Kingdom-focused and People-connected.

Like Jesus, we extend our hands and hearts to all people seeking God (Matt.11.28).

Like Jesus, we minister healing and restoration to the whole person - spirit, soul and body (Jn.5.7).

Like Jesus, we are kingdom-builders (Mk.1.15).

Like Jesus, we seek to restore and repair broken lives (Isa.61.4).

Like Jesus, we get people into heaven and we get heaven into people! (Jn.3.16; 10.10)

In following Christ, we desire:

To go beyond the question of what would Jesus do? (WWJD) to doing what Jesus did I do (JDID).

To honour God's name, see His Kingdom come and to do His will.

To seek deeper understanding of God the Father, Jesus the Messiah, and the Precious Holy Spirit

To be purpose driven in following Jesus our Messiah in His life, teaching and ministry.

To build kingdom discipleship not church membership.

To include and to embrace all people.

To accept and respect every individual regardless of their age, gender, status, personality and beliefs.

To appreciate every person as an individual God loves.

To do mission incarnationally and relevantly in our community.

To maximise relationship and minimise activities.

To encourage ministry and service of all believers.

To encourage and to promote apostolic giftings and leadership.

To love and serve because God first loved and served us.

To teach people how to walk with God and live from their hearts reconciled by Jesus.

To live from our hearts cleansed by Jesus our Messiah.

To emphasise that every heart matters to God.

To fight for every heart as God fights for every person.

To exercise God's grace in every situation.

To serve Jesus our Messiah out of an intimate relationship with Him and from a renewed and restored heart.

the experience of a caring and nurturing community.

It's missional not just institutional.

It's about you finding your identity and destiny.