CiTiGATE Church 6 Experiences

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2 July, 2018

In CiTiGATE Church, we want you to have these 6 unique experiences. Come and experience the sense of: 

1 Belonging = the experience of a caring and nurturing community.

2 Empowerment = the experience of meaningful participation and contribution in building lives and God's kingdom 

3 Celebration = the experience of a day-to-day victory and triumph in salvation, healing, repentance, baptism, worship, reading, listening and doing God's word 

4 Transformation = the experience life's journey and changes 

5 Adventure = the experience of fulfilling your destiny and living the abundant life 

6 Reality = the experience of a real and tangible encounter with God

At CiTiGATE Church, It's a revolution and not just an evolution.  It's a movement not just a church.

  It's significant not just successful.

  It's missional not just institutional.

  It's about the Kingdom of Heaven

  It's about Jesus the Messiah

  It's about you finding your identity and destiny